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“I have always been passionate about creating and loved designing different hairstyles from I was a girl, admittedly back in the 80s and 90s, they were colourful to say the least. My interest led me to commence my training with Peter Mark, Belfast back in 1995. The area I loved the most was upstyling, which seen the formation of Love Hair in 2012, as a natural progression in my career. My goal for Love Hair was to develop a team of passionate and skilled hair and make-up artists to offer a range of services within the Weddings and Events sector.

Klee Photography

To date Love Hair have successfully completed an array of projects across Ireland, UK, Europe and Australasia. We continue to learn and grow in passion and skill, keeping up to date with all the latest tools and trends, so you can be sure whatever your requirement, we deliver the best.”
GG – Love Hair Creative Director

Bara Alich Photography

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